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With the absence of rail links within and between the islands, and relatively few sheltered harbours to allow localised deliveries of goods, road transport has been vital to the survival and prosperity of the numerous, scattered,  coastal communities of the Western Isles.

LEFT:  Typical of a small, family run, transport business in rural Lewis during the 1920s and '30s, the vehicle was owned by John MacKay (An Uisdean) of Carishader in Uig, Lewis.

Small family shops and firms, based in the communities they served, typified the business landscape during the first half of the century.  This was also very much the case with transport companies, which ran single-vehicle or small fleet operations between rural villages and the main centres of population, such as the ports of Stornoway, Tarbert, Lochmaddy, Lochboisdale and Castlebay in Barra.
  RIGHT:  Donald MacLeod, a shop owner and merchant from Eoropie, Ness, Isle of Lewis, is pictured here with his first 7cwt van.  It was a left-hand drive Model T Ford, registration number JS 1042.  


Some of the transport firms that have served the Western Isles over the years

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  Firm Business Area      
  Angus Macleod & Sons          
  Bain Morrison & Co Building supplies Western Isles      
  Frank Morrison & Sons          
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